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Light Your Inner Strength

Dr. Julie Groveman is a licensed psychologist, speaker + writer. With compassion + focus, Julie helps you break negative patterns, heal from the past and rediscover your inner strength.

She specializes in treating anxiety, social fears, depression, body-image, navigating life transitions, coping with grief + loss, relationship concerns and helping you to rebuild self esteem.




About Julie

With extensive experience and training in the field of mental health, I strive to connect with each unique person. My approach is compassionate, empowering, strengths-focused, and warm. I’m committed to helping you to find your voice, and un-learn limiting beliefs in effort to reach your desired goals.

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“The wound is where the light enters you”rumi



Therapy with Julie looks something like this…


Settle in comfortably. Feel free to release the daily pressures you’ve been carrying. At your own pace, begin to explore the real you in a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive and confidential setting.

Therapy is a sanctuary for slowing down, taking a breath and getting to know your true self better.

Together, we’ll identify the main obstacles in your life, while shining a light on the goals that matter the most to you. We'll work together to get you un-stuck so that you can live with more confidence and hope for the future. 


What people are saying...


"Working with Julie may be the best money I've ever spent. She's helped me understand and tackle my internal anxiety and pressure--- it's changed my life, and I'm a much happier, healthier person because of it." - MD


"Julie created a safe and welcoming space for me to heal and be heard. She shed light on my thoughts and feelings while also helping develop tools and practices that helped me on my mental health journey." - MK


Are you ready to become the most confident version of yourself?

If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with me,

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