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Light Your Inner Strength

Dr. Julie is a licensed psychologist, speaker + writer. With compassion + focus, Julie helps you finally break toxic patterns, heal from the past, turn pain into power and rediscover your inner strength.


With over a decade of clinical training, she's guided hundreds of adults to build confidence, conquer limiting fears, redefine self-worth, create healthier relationships, and to find more peace in the present. She strives to connect with each unique person.

Sound familiar?

  • You've been getting in your own way.
  • You're disconnected from yourself and stuck in negative patterns.
  • You experience self-doubt and low self-worth.
  • You're unclear about what you want.
  • You're sick of settling for less than you deserve.

+ What if you felt more confident, secure, and at ease within yourself?

+ What if you felt more satisfied in your relationships?

+ What if it were possible to become empowered and successful in both your personal life and at work?

*If you've been wanting more for yourself but you don't know how to break the cycle AND you're ready to move forward---I can help! 

 About Julie

I was basically born to do this work. It's an honor and a passion to be able to guide you towards inner healing and self-love. I'm also someone who has learned to overpower anxiety and repaired low confidence myself.

My style is genuine, warm and strengths-focused. I’m committed to helping you gain confidence, understand yourself better, and remove barriers blocking your growth. 

I specialize in treating anxiety, social fears, depression, body-image issues, navigating life transitions, grief + loss, relationship concerns, trauma and rebuilding self esteem. 

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“The wound is where the light enters you”rumi

Therapy with Julie looks something like this…


Settle in comfortably.

Feel free to release the daily pressures you’ve been carrying.

At your own pace, begin to explore the real you, in a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental and confidential setting.

Therapy is a sanctuary for slowing down, taking a breath and getting to know your *true* self better.

Together, we’ll identify the main obstacles on your journey, and we'll magnify the goals that matter the most to you.

We'll work together to get you un-stuck so that you can live with more confidence and hope for the future. 


What people are saying...


"Working with Julie may be the best money I've ever spent. She's helped me understand and tackle my internal anxiety and pressure--- it's changed my life, and I'm a much happier, healthier person because of it." -MD


“I’ve been working with Julie since 2019. During covid my anxiety had gotten much much worse and I decided to start seeing Julie more regularly and it was the best decision I have ever made. Julie really listens to you and gives you tools to help overcome the issues you may be going through. For me that was my anxiety which literally limited me from doing things in my own life. I'm so glad to work with Julie and to have someone who supports me and guides me. I am happy to say I now have been panic attack free for over 4 months and I have Julie to thank for that. If you’re looking for someone who not only listens but will give you actual tools to help you, Julie is the right person for you. “ -KM


"I was fortunate to connect with Julie in 2021 during a time when I was experiencing unmanageable levels of anxiety and depression. Not only was I dealing with the stress of trying to work and home-school through a pandemic as a single, self-employed parent, but I was also facing a lot of issues that I had worked to compartmentalize throughout most of my adult life. Therapy with her provided a window towards relief along with ways to manage and process all of the overwhelm that I was feeling and didn’t want to feel. She always listens with compassion and empathy while providing you with the tools and suggestions you need to move beyond wherever you may be stuck or just need to work through. I’ve tried therapy in the past but was always left feeling like I  needed more from the experience other than a place to just have someone listen to me talk. Julie always offers sound and practical support towards progress and growth while fostering a safe and nurturing environment for you to express and process emotions. She has helped me get through so much that I cannot recommend her enough if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her.” -AN


"It’s extremely rewarding to see the personal growth I’ve made in the short period of time that I’ve been working with Julie. I started seeing Julie due to uncertainty in my relationship with my partner. Relationship troubles, coupled with a demanding profession, led me to develop anxious feelings and self-doubt. She worked with me to understand and own my feelings, trust my gut, and set boundaries in the relationships in my life. I’ve gained a lot more self-awareness as a result and feel a lot of heaviness and weight has lifted. I'm starting to recognize myself again and am a happier person as I progress and continue to work on bettering myself. I am so grateful - thank you Julie!"  -KR


"Working with Julie has been a life-changing experience. Her ability to listen to your words and find the underlying themes in your behavior and thoughts helped me through some of my biggest obstacles. Her calm demeanor, smart advice, and empathetic nature are the perfect trifecta of skills to properly provide support and guidance through life’s ups and downs. She celebrates your wins, and holds your hand through losses. She is one of the biggest supporters in my life, and I am thankful daily to have found such a trustworthy, compassionate and caring counselor." -RF


"Julie created a safe and welcoming space for me to heal and be heard. She shed light on my thoughts and feelings while also helping develop tools and practices that helped me on my mental health journey." -MK


"My experience working with Julie has been filled with so much growth and empowerment. She has held space for me to look inwards, meeting myself where I'm at with compassion and love. I've found the confidence to make decisions with certainty, I can show up more present around others, and have let go of self-judgements/ expectations that have been holding me back. Together we've been unlearning old patterns and moving towards an empowered path. This journey with Julie has truly transformed my life." -LM


"I started working with Julie after a traumatic event in my romantic relationship severely damaged my self esteem and sense of self worth and caused my anxiety to skyrocket. That was 2.5 years ago and since then she's helped me become more confident, deal with self doubt and negative self talk, and feel good about myself and even my relationship again. Julie is wonderful at helping me see myself through others' eyes, or actually through the eyes of someone who thinks I'm awesome. It's SO hard to do that on your own but with her help I've gotten a lot better at it. I've learned so many great tools and tips for dealing with my anxiety that I constantly use in my self talk. Julie has been an invaluable outlet and source of support during one of the toughest times of my life and I truly appreciate her." - DZ


Are you ready to become the most confident + empowered version of you?!

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