Blushing and Perfectionism Around Body Image

In this interview, I share about my own experience with social anxiety and how it relates to erythrophobia and chronic chest/neck flushing & blushing. I also provide insights about blushing and perfectionism and how it may impact our body image.

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5 tips for Highly Sensitive People

In this recent interview in Kossie, a modern living guide focused on mental health, I’m featured sharing tips for Highly Sensitive People:   You tend to sense other people’s emotions. Having too much on your plate makes you anxious. You find it hard to reject others. If you’re nodding to any or all of these, then…

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Tips to Build Body Confidence

Are you struggling with body dissatisfaction? Experiencing constant critical thoughts? Do you wish you felt more positive about your appearance? If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re not alone and help is here! Body-image seeds are planted early on in life, and it’s likely that you weren’t the one planting them. Planting Seeds Early…

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