Unlock Self-Love + Embody Confidence

           + Overcome fears

           + Break toxic patterns

           + Set healthier boundaries

           + Gain self-acceptance and self-trust

           + Create more satisfying relationships

           + Live authentically

           + Outgrow what no longer serves you...


Empowering Therapy Sessions

1:1 therapy creates space for deeper healing. This is a time to focus intently on your specific concerns and goals for positive change. Therapy is best used as a sacred setting for self exploration, to gain clarity, receive support and learn valuable skills to cope with challenges. Sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs and typically occur weekly.

*Exclusively offering virtual therapy appointments at this time. Appointments are available during the day and evening hours. Sessions are 45 minutes.


Therapist/Coach Supervision + Mentorship

Dealing with imposter syndrome? Want to expand your practice, but don't know where to start? Supervision is a safe space to dissolve blocks, gain insight and build confidence in your skills. It's my passion to help support and guide early career therapists, at whichever point you're at on your journey.


"Julie is the mentor everyone needs, whether you're just starting private practice, or you have been in private practice for years. Julie has a magical way of guiding you to finding your inner voice with confidence and authenticity. I reached out to Julie when I was experiencing a career pivot. Finding myself with self-doubt and lacking confidence. Julie's gentle compassionate style created a non-judgmental space for us to focus on rebuilding my confidence. Julie helped me redefine who I was as a clinician with support, respect, and challenge. Working with Julie has been the best gift I could give myself during this time in my life." -JL



Emotional Support Animal (ESA) & Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) Evaluation

Do you want to know if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal? Are you worried that your emotional support pet won’t be allowed to live in your residence, or that it won’t be able to travel by your side? Emotional Support Animals provide needed comfort for many psychological and emotional symptoms.  Julie offers ESA and PSD evaluations, and when appropriate she provides housing and/or travel recommendation letters.


1:1 Coaching for Rosacea + Blushing

This is an add-on component of my new course, Emotional Healing for Rosacea + Blushing. You'll have an opportunity to receive feedback on your specific skin concerns, gain mindset tools and enhanced self-understanding on the emotional factors blocking your growth and progress.  

“When women support one another, incredible things happen”


Nourishing Workshops

Julie leads Empowering Women's Workshops and Discussion Groups on a range of topics including: building confidence, relieving anxiety, self compassion skills, mindful living and more.

New Course Just Launched:

Emotional Healing for Rosacea +

Chronic Blushing

          Learn more about this empowering  course and sign up here

*Contact Julie if you’re interested in finding out more about her services or if you'd like to schedule a free initial phone consultation